Friday October 7th, 2011 from 8pm AEST at Fed Square, Melbourne and Arko Art Theatre, Seoul. A free transnational dance event.

HELLO 안녕하세요 is an Australia-Korea live public dance and screen project conceived by Australian choreographer Rebecca Hilton in collaboration with Korean choreographer Soonho Park. The project uses no words. Just gestures and dance moves. Utilising skype technology on a grand scale, HELLO tracks the sharing and interpreting of different movement gestures as they are exchanged live via large public screens situated in Seoul and Melbourne. Harnessing the newest technologies so that we can experience and perform one of the oldest arts together, across continents and cultures, HELLO is simple but also challenging, elegant, and fun. It is a new transnational dance, a 21st century folk dance for Australia and Korea!

Co-curated project, supported by Australia Korea Foundation.