Lectures, public talks, panel discussions

'Robert Smithson: Time Crystals', MADA Art Forum Lecture, Monash University, Melbourne 29 Aug
'A Crystalline World', Robert Smithson Symposium, Monash University, Melbourne 25 Aug
'Time Beyond Entropy', Robert Smithson Symposium, UQ Art Museum, Brisbane 2 June
'Drawings and Correspondence: In Conversation with Tom Nicholson', IMA, Brisbane 24 March
'Curators in Conversation: Robert Smithson Time Crystals', UQ Art Museum, Brisbane 10 March
'Curator's Tour: Robert Smithson Time Crystals', UQ Art Museum, Brisbane 19 April

'Ecstasy: Baroque and Beyond', panel discussion, University of Queensland Art Museum, Sep 17
'Zombie Art History', panel discussion, QAGOMA Sep 17

'Curating Publics, Curating Spaces', RUPC Melbourne University, 8 December
'Philippe Parreno in Conversation', ACMI, Melbourne, 6 December
'The Future of ARIs', BARI Festival public panel discussion, Powerhouse, Brisbane, 20 October
'Art in the Time of Colony', in conversation with Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, 15 October
'Mineral Volumes', Materials of Sound symposium, Artspace, Sydney, 24 August
'Frontier Imaginaries', public panel discussion, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane, 13 August
'Nicholas Mangan: Limits to Growth', talk, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne, 12 July
'Everywhere all at once: time travel and contemporary art', public lecture, Wellington City Gallery, New Zealand, 21 June
'Stanislaw Lem Reading Group' (with Helen Hughes), Biennale of Sydney, Carriageworks Sydney 24 April

'Towards a Mineral Ontology of Contemporary Art', public lecture, Worlds within Worlds, Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki December 2015
'Sound Fossils and Arche-Fossils: Towards a Mineral Ontology of Contemporary Art', Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, 22 Oct 2015
'Sound Fossils and Speaking Stones: Being After Time', Art is a Time Machine Symposium, Mildura Palimpsest Biennale, Mildura, 5 Oct 2015
'Untitled (Human Mask): Pierre Huyghe', public screening and discussion with Victoria Lynn, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Sep 2015
'The Time Symposium', Raqs Media Collective, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane July 2015
'Towards a Mineral Ontology of Contemporary Art', Animism and Material Vitality in Art and Performance, Auckland University of Technology, NZ, June 2015
'In Dreams: Lynch and Surrealism', public lecture for David Lynch: Between Two Worlds, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, 15 May
'Oh the places you'll go!', panel discussion, University of Queensland Art Museum, 1 May, Brisbane
'Assembly', Institute of Modern Art, 18 April, Brisbane

'After the End: Melancholia and the Politics of Time', The Persistence of Melancholia: Melancholy and the Arts 1514-2014, University of Queensland, Brisbane, 23 October 2014
'Speculative Realism: An Introduction', Triple Oh! Symposium: Art and Object-Oriented Ontology, UQ Art Museum, Brisbane, 27 Sep 2014
'The Past is the Present; It's the Future, Too: Response to Christine Ross', Art out of Time Symposium, Oxford, June 2014
'On Seeing in the Dark: Art and Science', Draw Me a Discovery, Brisbane, June 2014
'Altertruisms', Golden Solution, Metro Arts, Brisbane, May 2014

'What is Contemporary Art History? (Or, Zombie History and the Jungles of Cosmic Time)', conference paper for Inter-Discipline AAANZ 2013 Conference, Melbourne, December 2013
'The Future is Noise', public panel discussion with David Toop and Greg Hainge, IMA Brisbane 22 August 2013
'Making Worlds: Art and Science Fiction', conference paper, ISEA, University of Sydney, 12 June 2013
'Large Screens and the Transnational Public Sphere', roundtable with Nikos Papastergiadis, Scott McQuire, Ross Gibson, Cecelia Cmielewski, Audrey Yue and Xin Gu, ISEA, Sydney, 12 June 2013
'Memories of the Future: On the Time of Art', public lecture, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, 11 April 2013
'The Paper Trail: History and Archives in the Work of Thomas Demand', public lecture, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 15 March 2013

'Parallel Presents: Pierre Huyghe', public reading at Marian Goodman Gallery, New York Oct 2012
'Archives and Art', RMIT Art History and Theory guest lecture, Sep 2012
'Fictionalising the Present: Science Fictions and Contemporary Art', Melbourne Art Foundation Public Lecture, Aug 2012
'World Making: Science Fiction and Contemporary Art', panel Melbourne Art Fair, Aug 2012
'Large screens and the public sphere', RMIT Lens and Screen guest lecture, May 2012
'Transnational Translations: A Case Study', Crossroads in Cultural Studies Association Conference, Sorbonne University, Paris, July 2012

'Venice Biennale: Greatest Hits Mix Tape', biennale exhibition tours for The Australia Council for the Arts: Venice Biennale Emerging Curator Award, Venice Italy

'A Brief History of Participatory Art', public lecture for Harrell Fletcher The Sound We Make Together, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Nov 2010
'World Picturing in the Time of Terror and Since' (Panellist), at Contemporaneity and Art: Art History Symposium, Australian Institute of Art History and VCAM, July 2010
'Key note lecture', University of Melbourne Work in Progress Day, June 2010

‘Pierre Huyghe and the Association of Freed Time’, Public Lecture: Chancellor's Prize for Excellence, Melbourne University, Oct 2009
‘On The Situationist Internationale’, guest lecture, Perspectives in Radical Art, University of Melbourne, Sep 2009
‘Andreas Gurksy’s Non-Places', guest lecture, NGV International, Melbourne, Feb 2009

‘Arlo Mountford and Kelly Gellatly: Cronical Critical Art Discussions’, Conical Gallery, Melbourne, December 2008
'Dylan Martorell's umbels', Craft Victoria, Melbourne, 2008
‘Anarchitecture: Robert Smithson and Gordon Matta Clark’, guest lecture, Perspectives in Radical Art, Melbourne University, 2008
‘Society and Spectacle in France: 1957-1972’, guest lecture, Melbourne University, 2008
‘Fictionalising the Present: Science Fictions and Contemporary Art’, International Association of Philosophy and Literature Conference, RMIT, Melbourne, July 2008 (presenter and chair)

‘Full-Time Intimacy: How Relational is Relational Aesthetics?’ chaired by Alexie Glass, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces Forum, Melbourne, Dec 2007
‘Five Video Works You Must See Before You Die’, ACMI Panel Discussion: Pompidou Video Art Collection, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, May 2007
‘A Figure of Speech: Pierre Huyghe’s Legislative Bodies’, Art History Work in Progress Seminar, University of Melbourne, June 2007

‘Topological Systems in the Work of Pierre Huyghe’, AAANZ Conference: Reinventing the Medium, Monash University, Melbourne, Dec 2006 (presenter and convener)
‘The Architecture of the Incomplete: Pierre Huyghe and Pasolini’, Flux Conference, University of Melbourne, November 2006

‘Pierre Huyghe’s Journey to the Moon and other real and imagined places’, Illuminated, Art History Conference, University of Melbourne, October 2005

‘In the Belly of Anarchitect: Huyghe, Tiravanija, Gordon Matta-Clark’, Exhibit A, Postgraduate Symposium, University of Melbourne, Oct 2004
‘The Paper Trail: Thomas Demand’s Photography’, Excess, Rapture and Revolution, Antithesis Symposium, University of Melbourne, June 2004